Congratulations Retirees!

October 17, 2019 at 3:27pm

Every month, we feature some of our Members who have recently retired. Congratulations to all!

Are you planning to retire soon? Make sure to let your Union Rep know!

Union retiree with steward receiving retirement gift.Monique Ashby retired this summer from Ridgewood Industries in Cornwall where she worked for 35 years. Monique started at the facility not long after it opened and says she made a lot of friend over the years. Monique did a few jobs but worked mainly as a general labourer and says she loved her job. After retirement, she plans to spend time with her mother and is happy to be able to do what she wants when she wants and not be tied to a work schedule. Monique won’t be setting any alarms. Says she has a lot of good experiences being a union member. She participated in training over the years and was appreciative of the annual Cornwall Labour Day Parade.







Union retiree with retirement gift.Ramon Cayabyab, is retiring from Mobile Climate Control in Vaughan where has worked for the last 19 years. He says he is looking forward to spending more time fishing and is going to buy an exercise machine to stay in shape. He’s also looking forward to spending some time in the Philippines to catch up with some family and old friends.









Union retiree receiving retirement gift with group of co-workers.Regina Deska retired after nearly 20 years of service at Mondelez where she worked on the Crunchie line.  Regina plans to spend time in her retirement with her 3 children and 3 grandchildren.





Union retiree receiving retirement gift from union representative.Janet Faye Mabie recently retired Loblaws Ottawa after 40 years of service with the company.  In her retirement Janet said she will finally have time she will have time to volunteer at the local food bank and will take care of the house at her own pace.  Janet said she may get a part time for some extra spending money as she also would like to travel in retirement. In fact, she already has one planned to celebrate her 35th wedding anniversary.








Union retiree with cake at retirement celebration.Maureen Marley worked at the Vera Davis Centre since December 1, 2005. Maureen worked in the Adult Day Program where she would provide a social and interactive environment for the residents, did exercises and other various activities with them.  Maureen would accompany on the day trips. She was an active union steward for many years, assisting members when they needed help, participating in grievance meetings, arbitrations, and was also part of the negotiating committee. Maureen always had a smile on her face and did things with a positive attitude.  She will be missed by the Union, her co-workers and most importantly the residents.